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Accuracy and Changeover, A Winning Combination for Liquid Flavorings Packager

Accuracy and Changeover, A Winning Combination for Liquid Flavorings Packager


Product: Liquid flavorings
Fill Volumes: 1 pound, 2 pound, 4 pound, 8 pound, and 1 gallon containers


A Maryland food flavoring manufacturer needed to replace a single head piston filler that was difficult to set-up and becoming more inaccurate with age. Set-up and changeover times sometimes took as long as the production run.


After reviewing various fillers and technologies the company chose Oden's SERVO/FILL® bench-top liquid filler because it demonstrated outstanding accuracy and provided fast, quick changeovers.

With the SERVO/FILL on line, accuracies up to ±0.50%, for this application, are consistently maintained on fills of 8#. Set-up and changeover time has been significantly reduced. The parameters for all filling functions are stored in memory, and, with just the touch of a few buttons, the filler is ready for the next production run.


Since their new SERVO/FILL liquid filler can store set-up parameters for up to 50 different production runs, and changeover times are drastically reduced, this company can easily meet their increased demands for production over the short-term.

Over the long-term, as the company's market demand grows, their single head SERVO/FILL benchtop filler can easily be expanded to a fully automatic system. Additional filling positions can be added as needed, and at an economical cost.


The SERVO/FILL unit is a rotary motion, positive displacement, volumetric filler equipped with a 6.0 GPM CleanGear™ stainless steel 3A sanitary gear pump. Revolutions of the pump can be resolved from 1/100th of a revolution to 1/2000th resulting in outstanding accuracy. The Oden SERVO/FILL liquid filler stores set-up "recipes" for up to 50 different production settings.

Application Note: Should this customer wish to fill foods with particulates and/or shear sensitive products we would recommend the use of a Waukesha Universal Series 3A sanitary lobe type pump.

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