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High Speed Sub-Surface Filling with No Drip

High Speed Sub-Surface Filling with No Drip


High speed filling of juice concentrate into 90 ounce containers with an output of 40 containers per minute.


The filler designed for this customer's application is an 8 head dual lane GEN4 PRO/FILL 3000 volumetric system, configured to meet 3-A sanitary food grade standards, and equipped with air operated electronically controlled positive shut-off nozzles to ensure clean no-drip fills, and Waukesha Size 18 Universal Series 3A sanitary lobe type pumps.

This GEN4 PRO/FILL 3000 easily meets the 40 container per minute requirement with a custom designed dual lane architecture. A special air operated diving nozzle system, which allows for high speed, no-splash filling, has an adjustable dive and withdrawal speed. Dive depth is quickly set using a mechanical stop with quick release fasteners. The nozzle rack is adjusted easily for proper vertical and horizontal positioning for various size containers. No-tool adjustments are made using handwheels or quick release fasteners. All adjustments to the diving nozzle system and the nozzle rack can be made easily without the use of any tools.

The conveyor is a 20 foot, dual lane, sanitary stainless steel unit attached to the main filler base.

Other Major System Design Features

  • Parallel processing capability with vacuum aspirated diving nozzle system and dual lane nozzle rack.
  • Fill area safety enclosure constructed of Lexan and stainless steel and fully interlocked to prevent machine motion when cabinet is opened.
  • Washdown environment.
  • A programmable clean-in-place system including all necessary electronic controls and stainless steel trough for flush.
  • System software/hardware that includes a Wonderware In Touch Software Package, an Allen Bradley PLC, and a PC based industrial workstation with active matrix color touch screen.


This dual lane filler provides high speed, no-drip, parallel processing with an output of 48 96-ounce containers per minute.

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