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4 Automotive Lubricant Products, 1 Filler, No Waiting

4 Automotive Lubricant Products, 1 Filler, No Waiting


Filling four different automotive lubricant type products, into containers ranging in volume from 1/2 ounce to 2-1/2 gallons, with minimized downtime for changeovers.


An 8 head volumetric state-of-the-art GEN4 PRO/FILL 3000 liquid filler equipped with a stand-alone state-of-the-art OP Center provided the system needed to keep this new automotive lubricants line moving at a fast pace.

Only minimal time outs are required for changeovers since the filling parameters for each run are stored in the system’ program (as ‘recipes’). The operator simply displays and chooses the recipe to be downloaded and, with a single keystroke, the filling parameters for the next product run are made electronically.

No changeparts are required for changeovers and any mechanical adjustments, such as adjusting the width of the conveyor guide rail, are accomplished without tools.

The filler is equipped with Waukesha size 18 Universal Series 3A sanitary lobe type pumps and air operated/inward opening electronically controlled positive shut-off nozzles.

Other Major Design Features

  • Diving nozzle system for bottom-up filling
  • Air pulse product cut-off system to eliminate drip
  • Container neck capture system
  • Stainless steel product reservoir with hinged cover and level control system

In Conclusion

This volumetric filler requires minimal downtime for changeovers and easily provides the versatility to fill four different automotive lubricant products into containers ranging in volume from 1/2 ounce to 2-1/2 gallons.

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