Oden Perspectives, Issue No. 3

 No Sticky Jars With An Oden Filler!


Ever grab a greasy or sticky jar from a grocery store shelf? I’m here to tell you it wasn’t filled with an Oden filler.

Before I was a member of the packaging community sticky jars were a nuisance that could be avoided. Not so for a liquid filling machinery manufacturer. Sticky jars are indicative of nuisance problems that need solutions. And Oden has them.

Any liquid filler can fill a liquid into a container, but not all can do it without spills, splashes and drips. Costly product waste and time consuming clean-ups were problems that Oden fillers solved from the get go.

Imagine a honey filler with drippy nozzles or a filler for pricey pharmaceutical products that splattered and splashed. No worries for an Oden filler. Just doesn’t happen.

Seeing is believing and when you witness Oden’s patented filling nozzle technology in action you see high speed fills completely free of foam, splash out, splatter or drip. No wasted product; no time consuming clean-up. We have videos posted on Facebook and YouTube that prove the point. Check them out. 

For those who relish the gritty details, the hows and the whys, I refer you to our GEN2 Positive Shut-Off Nozzle page here on the website, and to the article below on our exclusive sub-surface filling method.

NozzlesWe hope you have questions because we welcome the opportunity to share application stories! Call Dean Faso at 716-872-3000, or send your question to sales@odenmachinery.com.

Thanks for your interest!


Eliminate Foaming with Subsurface Filling


Oden has twenty years of experience in designing and managing high flow rate sub-surface filling. Our exclusive sub-surface filling method produces high speed fills that are completely free of foam, splash out, splatter or drip.


Pro/Fill 1000 Fully Automatic Liquid Filler     Filler With Bottom-Up Filling System

What is Oden's sub-surface filling method and when is it used?

The method is useful with free flowing and semi-viscous liquids which are inherently foamy or which readily entrain air, or both. Sub-surface filling allows a very fast filling rate (liquid flow rate) into the container while producing accurate fills which are absolutely free of foam over, splash out, splatter or drip.

Oden's method for achieving this consists of using positive shut-off filling nozzles where the shank of the nozzle is sufficiently long to be lowered to near the bottom of the container. When positioned near the bottom, the shut-off plug, located at the very tip of the nozzle, is opened outward. Initial flow of liquid product then occurs radially in a cone-like manner. This allows very high flow rates with substantially reduced velocity induced turbulence. After flow has been initiated by opening the nozzle, the liquid level almost immediately rises up over the tip of the nozzle. Once the nozzle tip is buried, the high flow rate can continue sub-surface without causing any foaming or aeration problems. This sub-surface flow continues until the correct filling dose has been delivered to the container.

At the completion of the sub-surface fill dose, the nozzle tip is closed while still submerged in the liquid product, and the nozzle is rapidly raised out of the container. The outer surface of the tip of the nozzle is conical in shape. As liquid product flows down the outer surface of the nozzle shank or shaft, it is forced to flow to the conical tip of the nozzle. At the point of the nozzLe cone tip, a hole connects to a hollow rod shaft running up through the center of the nozzle. This arrangement allows an aspirating vacuum to be applied to the nozzle tip. This vacuum, in turn, removes the flow-down of liquid product as it reaches the nozzle tip. The removal is robust and so effective that not even a single drop of product escapes the vacuum transport. Thus, the nozzle is completely free of drip.

Because Oden's sub-surface filling method allows high flow rate filling inside of the container, and removes any nozzle product run-off before it can drip, the method produces high speed fills which are completely free of foam, splash out, splatter or drip.

The vacuum required for this method of sub-surface filling is uniquely generated by an Oden designed 316 stainless steel vacuum transducer, one mounted at the top of each positive shut-off filling nozzle. The use of an individual vacuum source for each nozzle insures that adequate aspiration capacity is engineered into each filling position, free of the manifold interaction effects of less sophisticated designs.