Oden Builds a Honey of a Filler !!!

For decades Oden PRO/FILL and SERVO/FILL liquid filling systems have been the machines of choice for quality honey producers both big and small. Oden builds the most accurate honey filling equipment for semi automatic benchtop applications all the way to speeds of over 250 bottles per minute.

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These video clips show two honey filling systems built in 1995 that are still in full production today!

HoneyBears r 

                                                             Video: Honey Bear Filler 


Oden's Honey of a Filler

                                                               Video: Honey Filling Machine


            Honey Bear Bottle    


This Honey Bear bottle was filled on the Pro/Fill 3000 10 head volumetric filler pictured below.

Pro/Fill 3000 Fully Automatic Honey Filler


We also offer benchtop fillers for honey products, such as the Servo/Fill benchtop volumetric filler pictured below.

Servo/Fill Benchtop Filler      Call us today for the details, 716-874-3000!