GEN4 Pro/Fill® 1000

PRO/fill 1000 Volumetric Benchtop Liquid Fillers

Liquid Fillers for semi-automatic benchtop operation.             



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Pro/Fill 1000 PRODUCT Applications                                            

Applications include free flowing to low viscosity products. Fill volumes from .5 mL to 5 liters at flow rates to 3.0 GPM. Accuracies to ± 0.05% dependent upon dose size and product.


Pro/Fill 1000 Benchtop Filler

Standard Features:

  1. Display, PLC, and pump drive housed in sealed NEMA 4 stainless steel enclosure.
  2. Four line x 20 back lit LCD display with easy use function keys.
  3. Easy operator interface access to every filler control function including pump speed, volume, and cut-off adjustment (COA) for electronic control of no-drip product cut-off.
  4. Non-volatile memory storage of all machine set-up data, with one-key "recipe" loading.
  5. Automatic fill volume computation. Enter trial fill weight and target, the PLC does the computations.
  6. Fluid flow pathway consisting of pump infeed and outfeed tubing matched to customer requirements, with choice of 0.2 GPM - 3.0 GPM 316 stainless steel precision gear pump. Pump is of fast teardown, no threaded parts sanitary design, and is fully autoclavable.
  7. Air operated electronically controlled non-invasive pinch valve for no-drip performance.
  8. Footswitch control and built in cycle timer for semi-automatic operation.

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Air Requirements: 80 PSI @ 1 SCFM
Electrical Requirements: 110 VAC 50-60 Hz. @ 15 AMPS
Shipping Weight: 80lbs.


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