Liquid filler for automatic and semi-automatic operation. Liquid filling machine applications include filling free flowing to low viscosity and molten products in volumes from micro liters to 5 liters.

GEN4 Grav/tronic®

Volumetric Gravity Fully Automatic Fillers

Benchtop Configuration Also Available


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Product ApplicationsGrav/Tronic Filler for Free Flowing Liquids and Molten Products

Applications include free flowing to
low viscosity liquids and molten products. Fills wide range of container shapes in volumes from micro liters to 5 liters. Speeds to 400 CPM. Accuracies up to ± 0.01% dependent upon dose size and product.

Standard Features:

  1. Operator interface housed in sealed NEMA 4 stainless steel enclosure. Programmable Logic Controllers available in your choice of several major manufacturers, including Allen-Bradley. Operator interface available in your choice of four line x 20 back lit LCD display, 7.5" color VGA touch screen or PC based industrial work station with 15" active matrix touch screen display.
  2. Easy operator interface access to every filler control function.
  3. Indexing system includes permanent reference scales for easy and repeatable set-up.
  4. Non-volatile memory storage of all machine set-up data, with one-key "recipe" loading.
  5. Machine base frame is fabricated from sanitary welded 2" x 2" square 304 stainless steel tube. The base is fully enclosed in 504 stainless steel sheeting and is designed to minimize floor space requirements. The base supports the diving nozzle system, conveyor, indexing hardware and system operator interface. The PLC and related electronics are mounted in a remotable stainless steel NEMA 4 enclosure.
  6. Bottom-up filling system features no-tool set-up, 14" adjustable dive distance and nozzle kickout safety system. Permanently attached reference scales for easy, repeatable set-up.
  7. Sanitary (solid top, 1-1/2" raised chain bed) stainless steel conveyor 10' long with 4-1/2" Delrin chain and variable speed DC motor drive. Includes four stainless steel guiderails with no-tool adjustment hardware.
  8. Sanitary/sterile 316L stainless steel product reservoir with precision mass sensing level control system. Each fill position has its own unique non-invasive cassette load pinch valve cut-off system. Product contact parts include 316L stainless steel, Teflon and silicone tubing. Product feed systems include peristaltic pump or actuated valve methods.
  9. Availale with Oden's exclusive Digibar control system for superior control of product feed and flow.

Some Typical Performance Capabilites:
Fill Size
0.25 gr.
±.0025 gr.
± 1.00
± 0.50
± 0.30
± 0.06
± 0.085

Air Requirements: 80 PSI @ 3 SCFM
Electrical Requirements:120 VAC 50-60 HZ @ 30 AMPS


How Oden's GEN4 GRAV/TRONIC Works

Oden's Generation3 PLC controlled GRAV/TRONIC is a volumetric gravity filler. The GRAV/TRONIC uses precision electronics to exactly control fill volume based on timed flow. The Generation3 design relies upon the well understood principle that Earth's gravity is extremely stable and constant. Because this is true, when a low viscosity liquid is elevated above a filling nozzle it will flow through the nozzle at a very defined and extremely repeatable rate. Oden's system electronically controls this flow for a precise and repeatable time interval, and this establishes a precise and repeatable fill dose or volume. The flow rate can be easily and precisely varied by changing the elevation distance of the liquid above the filling nozzle.

Note: The Filling Accuracy Statements in this document describe general machine capabilities and are not guarantees. Oden will guarantee machine performance in writing, upon the positive conclusion of testing done with your products and containers. Oden takes the risk our of buying a liquid filler. Call today to make arrangements for our free product testing service, 800.658.3622.


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