Liquid filler for fully automatic high speed production line operation. Liquid filling machine applications include filling free flowing to very viscous, particulated and abrasive products in volumes from .5 mL to 5 liters.

GEN4 Pro/Matic®

Volumetric Fully Automatic Low Cost Fillers



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Product ApplicationsPro/Matic Liquid Filler

Applications include free flowing to
very viscous, particulated, hot and abrasive products. Fills a wide range
of container shapes in volumes from
15 mL to 2.5 gallons. Speeds to 100 containers per minute. Accuracies to
± 0.10% dependent upon dose size
and product.


Standard Features:

  1. Four line X 20 back lit LCD display with easy use function keys housed in sealed NEMA 4 stainless steel enclosure.
  2. Easy operator interface access to filler control functions, including one pump speed and volume control for entire machine.
  3. Simple electronic control of no-drip product cut-off.
  4. Easy operator interface access to all automation functions including conveyor speed and container indexing. PLC includes built-in line management system to detect missing containers, or backups from downstream equipment.
  5. Non-volatile memory storage of all machine set-up data, with one-key "recipe" loading, for 50 product and container set-ups.
  6. Rugged 2" X 2" structural stainless steel welded machine base frame. Frame supports the stainless steel NEMA 4 pump drive/PLC enclosure, 20 gallon product reservoir, conveyor, nozzle rack system, and container indexing system.
  7. Sanitary stainless steel conveyor 10' long with 6" Delrin chain and variable speed DC motor drive. Includes four guide rails with no-tool adjustment hardware.
  8. Fluid flow pathway consisting of 20 gallon stainless steel reservoir, cover, and ball float level control system; Waukesha Universal Series size 30 sanitary pump; stainless steel product distributor; and six Oden Gen2 316L stainless steel positive shut-off nozzles.


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Air Requirements: 80 PSI @ 2 SCFM
Electrical Requirements: Two single phase 115-120 VAC
50-60 HZ 20 AMP service lines