GEN4 Servo/Fill®

Servo/fill Low Cost, High Quality Volumetric Liquid Fillers For Fully Automatic or Benchtop Operation



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servo/fill Benchtop Product Applications

Applications include free flowing liquids to very viscous products on the same machine; accommodates wide range of container shapes in volumes from 1/3 oz. to 5 gallons;  Flow rates to 6.0 GPM with accuracies up to ±0.5% dependent upon dose size and type of product.

Click here to see a video of a Servo/Fill benchtop liquid filling machine.

Servo/Fill Benchtop Filler

Servo/Fill Modular Automatic Filler



Benchtop and Modular Configurations



  • provides Oden's famous high quality at an economical price
  • moves anywhere easily, small footprint
  • easy stored recipe driven product set-ups
  • cleans up and changes over easily
  • fills a wide range of products
  • fills a wide range of containers
  • volume adjustment is on-the-fly
  • eliminates product waste
  • can be integrated at a later date into a fully automatic modular system



  • state of the art electronics and controls
  • three sizes of Oden designed CleanGear® sanitary gear pumps to choose from
  • tool-less disassembly
  • tool-less pump mounting
  • compact, portable configuration
  • accuracies of +0.5% dependent upon dose size and product
  • minimum fill 1/3 ounce
  • maximum fill 5 gallons


Delivery, Guarantee, Warranty and Discounts

  • ten day delivery
  • money back performance guarantee
  • one year warranty
  • quantity and cash payment discounts


System Components

  • separate NEMA 4 stainless steel enclosures for pump drive and electronics
  • operator interface with 4 line x 20 character liquid crystal display
  • 316L stainless steel positive shut-off filling nozzle
  • built in automatic cycle timer for semi-automatic operation
  • foot switch for manual operation
  • your choice of high flow Oden designed sanitary gear pumps: range of flows from 1.5 gallons per minute to 6.0 gallons per minute


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Call to ask about these SERVO/FILL benchtop configurations:

  • SERVO/FILL Heavy Duty Benchtop Liquid Filler: Powerful ¾ HP drive train delivers enhanced performance for viscous products.




  • SERVO/FILL Modular Automatic Liquid Filling Machine: Modular design concept allows for the full automation of new or previously purchased SERVO/FILL benchtop liquid fillers.

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Products Filled

Oden manufactures fillers for an extensive range of liquid to viscous products. Following are just some of the products that can be filled on Servo/Fill Low Cost High Quality Liquid Filling Systems. Many products appearing on the Pro/Fill products-filled listing can also be filled by a Servo/Fill.

Aftermarket Auto Products
Agricultural Chemicals
Air Freshener
Animal Attractants
Animal Feed Products
Ant Bait
Antibacterial Hand Soap
Automotive Finish Products
Automotive Cleaners/Primers
Baklava Syrup
BBQ Sauce
Biological Reagents
Biomedical Products
Body Wash
Bowling Products
Buffer Solution
Chemical Cleaners
Cleaning Products, Household
Cleaning Products, Industrial
Cleaning Supplies
Clinical Solutions
Coffee Flavoring
Cold Packs
Cosmetics and Toiletries
Cough Syrups
Cream and Butterfat
Creams, Personal Care Products
Dairy Beverage
Dental Gel
Edible Oils
Eyeglass Cleaner
Fabric Refresher
Flax Seed Oil
Floor Polish, Cleaners, Wax
Food Coloring
Food Products
Food Spice Blends
Food Syrups
Freezer Pops
Fruit Syrups
General Industrial Products
Golf Club Grip Solvent
Hair & Skin Care Products
Hair Gels
Hand Cleaners
Hand Lotions and Creams
Hand Soap
Herbal Supplements fillers
Household Products
Infant Formula
Insect Bait
Janitorial Cleaners
Lamp Oil
Lens Cleaner
Lip Balm
Liquid Fabric Care Products
Liquid Hand Sanitizer
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Liquid Wax
Lotions and Oils, Personal Care Products
Lubricating Oil
Marine Paint Products
Massage Cream
Nail Enamel
Olive Oil
Olive Oil Herb Spice Blends
Paint Additives/Resins
Pasta Sauce
Peanut Butter
Peanut Spread
Penetrating Oil
Personal Care Products
Petroleum Products
Pest Repellants
Pharmaceutical Gels
Pharmaceutical Syrups
Salad Dressings
Sanitation Chemicals & Cleaners
Shampoos and Conditioners
Show Dog Products
Silicone Fluids
Soaps and Body Wash
Sun Care Products
Sunflower Oil
Surface Primer
Tofu Sandwich Spread
Xylene Based Liquid